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Executive coaching for productive online work

Would you like to work more effectively with a decentralized team? Apply for a free preliminary consultation for individual and goal-oriented executive coaching for productive online work. Supervised by WHoO, you will learn how you can achieve better results and work more productively with a team that works hybrid or in the home office. Your chances of acquiring and retaining specialist staff will also improve. We offer coaching for executives and entrepreneurs who…

  • want to lead your team into the world of the productive home office
  • want to hold meetings more effectively and lively via video conference
  • want to conduct target-oriented customer and supplier discussions online
  • Want to keep your distributed team motivated
  • Emphasize that your team has as little downtime as possible
  • want to promote stress prevention in order to achieve higher performance
  • want to give new employees in the home office a good start in the team
  • want to digitize processes
  • ready to invest immediately in your future with a successful team
  • have other special topics that you would like to implement regarding home office

Of course, we also advise on other special topics that you would like to implement with regard to home office.

Course of the coaching

  1. We decide together whether the coaching process and coach suit you
  2. Specific coaching goals are agreed
  3. Once a week we will discuss together the opportunities that you can use around home office and, if necessary, implement them immediately. You can continue to implement and practice these between our appointments. If you have any questions, your personal coach will usually answer them within 24 hours.
  4. Within 8-12 weeks you will be able to implement the results of the personal coaching to lead yourself and your team to greater success.

Goal of your coaching

More success and more productive work with your decentralized employees.

Your application for a free coaching consultation

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