An’D WHoO Agile and Delivery Working in Home Office An’D WHoO Agile and Delivery Working in Home Office

An’D WHoO Agile and Delivery Working in Home Office

We, An’D WHoO, help you to illuminate and implement (almost) all aspects of home office and new forms of work. We want you to be able to work easily and smoothly in and with your home office and to achieve something special, future-oriented. You will continue to appear confident at work if you learn how to work productively, effectively and relaxed in your home office.

  • trainings and workshops
  • impulse lectures
  • Individual coaching tailored to you
  • Books

Do you find it easy to answer these questions about mobile working?

  • How do employees stay motivated and focused when working from home?
  • How do I design effective online meetings?
  • What motivates employees to stay in our company if they are no longer limited locally by home-office offers?
  • How should I communicate to keep employees at home in the same boat?
  • How do I deal with stress and pressure of expectations in the home office (keyword wellbeing at work)?
  • Which webcam is best and which technical equipment makes sense?
  • How is information easily distributed and collected when people are no longer in the same office (building)?
  • What can be done preventively against downtime (with and without sick leave)?
  • How can digitization of processes help to meet new forms of work?
  • Do processes need to be changed to support home office and remote work?
  • What opportunities and risks do new work concepts and mobile working and home office offer?

An’D WHoO supports you in all questions of mobile working

We, An’D WHoO, help you to use home office safely and positively for and in your business. Our offer focuses on four explosive areas of new working environments for you.

  • Effective processes and successful projects with decentralized teams and workplaces
  • Useful equipment in the home office
  • What equipment do we need at home to be able to work comfortably and appear profession to the outside world?
  • Good communication, motivated employees and company health with mobile work
  • Support for the digitization of administration and production

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