Digitization and automation

Optimum, smooth-running processes and productions with digitization and automation

With the rapid increase in mobile work, your need for well-structured, digitized workflows with digitization and automation automatically increases. Today’s cloud and server services enable you to easily generate more added value from significantly larger data volumes.

We at An’D WHoO have many years of experience with process analysis, as well as in the digitization and automation of administration, purchasing and sales and products. Strictly speaking, all founding members started their careers in digitization in the broadest sense. We have worked together for years on ERP, MIS and CRM system implementations, digitized machine parks, developed and implemented digital marketing and sales strategies (social media marketing, web shops, etc.), as well as worldwide knowledge distribution. We have connected all parts of companies and often involved customers, suppliers, external accounting and other service providers in the processes.

Feel free to contact An’D WHoO immediately ( welcome@WHoO-is-ready.com or +49 7032 7840220) if you are interested in greater digitization of your business! You will receive approaches and solutions!

Digitization and automation

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