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Profit through health in the home office

Mobile employees in focus

Entrepreneurial success depends to a large extent on well-qualified, highly motivated and, above all, healthy employees, according to the motto „Profit through health in the home office“.

With the relocation of many activities to the home office, new challenges come to light. The first current psychological risk assessments (e.g. in German tax offices) that look specifically at this show frightening results. The stress level increases measurably when employees work from home. Stress is a major contributor to many long-term illnesses and is not a sign of strength.

Illness and malaise can be more difficult to assess in snapshots of the video conferences of colleagues and superiors than when you sit together in the same office every day. However, increased mindfulness is seen as one of the new trends in the world of work and, together with health promotion, will become an even greater concern for companies in recruiting professionals.

Only those who develop these skills in their own ranks and promote health have the chance to remain creative, innovative and competitive in the long term. As experts for decentralized work, WHoO naturally offer training so that you and your team remain both physically and mentally fit and resilient.

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  • Resilience and strong psyche in the home office
  • Stress prevention in the home office
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  • Healthy management – bosses are largely responsible for the sick leave of their team
  • „Profit through health in the home office“

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