An’D WHoO Agile and Delivery Working in Home Office first level Who WHoO is – a home office consulting company

Who WHoO is – a home office consulting company

In 2020 it suddenly became clear that mobile working and home office will spread rapidly as a result of measures taken by Covid-19. For many companies, this is a completely new development that not only affects managing directors, but the entire workforce.

From those around us, from customers, colleagues and friends, we constantly heard new problems related to working from home. Some struggle with technical issues, others with the fact that customers and business partners cannot reach them, the cohesion and overview of the teams suffers and the whole scenario leads to extreme stress for many participants (which is now proven by the first psychological risk analyses).

In the future, it will be the companies that find solutions to this that will grow the most! WHoO is one of the first companies to offer comprehensive advice and training for decentralized teams, home office and mobile working models. Our team is put together in such a way that we develop solutions especially for activities with home office shares communication, technology, digitization, tools motivation, team building and company health management and offer you support.

If you have non-binding questions or comments about mobile working environments or WHoO, we look forward to an open discussion with you. Feel free to call us immediately on +49 7032 7840220 or send us an email to now .

With WHoO we stand behind the fact that we offer you our know-how for decentralized work.

WHoO stands for “Experts for W orking in Home- O ffice ”. We are looking forward to your contact!

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