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Technical questions about the home office

Technology for remote work has to be right

Working in a decentralized team is only feasible for you today if you can work with the appropriate technology. Do you know the technical requirements? Do you have technical questions about working from home? Are the employees‘ computers at home already connected to the existing network (VPN, tunnel, etc.)? Are there other alternatives (like working online in the cloud)? What internet bandwidth is necessary to work efficiently at home? Are there optimal laptops and webcams for this? Are employees more efficient in video conferences if they have two screens? What about phone calls (incoming and outgoing)? Which video conferencing system suits you best? Are there other tools that support the collaboration?

There are simple solutions to many of these questions. You will receive support from WHoO so that you are technically in a better position in your home office and you can continue to act confidently with your customers and team.

Please contact WHoO immediately ( or +49 7032 7840220) if you are interested in one of the topics mentioned. Get support to create basic technical requirements, as well as in particular:

Public technology training:

  • Technical questions about the home office
  • Criteria for selecting video meeting platforms (Zoom, MS Teams, etc.)
  • Operation and possibilities of Zoom, Teams, Webex and co.
  • Simple collaboration-enhancing online tools
  • Moderate video conferences and telcos effectively

Feel free to inquire with WHoO immediately if you are interested in the above topics:

phone +49 7032 7840220

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