An’D WHoO Agile and Delivery Working in Home Office second level All about home office and mobile working from WHoO

All about home office and mobile working from WHoO

Your company can access the know-how of WHoO for almost all questions relating to home office and mobile working. WHoO offers you open training as well as individual advice and coaching for your company as a whole or for individual employees.

We are also currently building up a pool of (paid) video training courses for everything to do with working from home. Please write to us shortly afterwards about which topics you are currently most interested in, so that we can optimally adapt our offer to your needs (

You can book consultations and training courses on these topics right away. Simply send us an inquiry by email ( ) or call us ( +49 7032 7840220 ) to receive a non-binding offer. We look forward to a constructive exchange with you!

Training for successful home office and mobile work :

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